Caddyswag Par 6 Top Golf Approved Cooler

At last! An iceless cooler for any golf bag!

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Par-6 golf cooler by Caddyswag

Pays for its-self in 1 use!

Guaranteed to fit inside any adult golf bag and keep 6 x 12 oz cans cold for 18 holes! No Ice required! Custom made re-usable gel packs and NASA inspired insulation make this the perfect golf cooler! All order ship Priority within 2 business days! keywords: top golf golfnow golf channel

As seen on ABC's Shark Tank

Will the sharks bite on the Par-6 by Caddyswag? Will county club playing multi millionaires understand the main street golfers struggle to save a few bucks on the course? Click to watch->

Caddyswag Radio Show

Entertainers, Athletes & Smokeshows! A fun 2 hour break from the stress of life. Live every Wednesday night 8:30cst on 

Caddyswag Podcast available on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud & Stitcher!

Caddyswag swims with Sharks

Watch Caddyswag on ABC's hit series Shark Tank.  If you want a better score practice more. If you want cold beverages on the course we've got you covered! 

Howard Stern's "Shuli"

Howard Stern correspondent and stand up comedian Shuli on the Caddyswag Show. Click to listen 

Lifestyle brand with a golf problem

Customize for Your Event

caddyswag topgolf golfcooler sharktank customize logo embroidery Joe Namath Broadway Joe Jets

Custom logo embroidery to meet the highest expectations.  No order to large or to small.  Corporate Logos, fundraisers to bachelor & wedding parties.  We have you covered.  

Caddyswag offers Tiger Woods $1,000,000

Tiger Woods Caddyswag top golf shark tank agent Mark Steinberg IMG caddyswag show

Many sponsors turned their back on Tiger Woods.  We made the offer and it still stands.  

Caddyswag Proudly Presents the "Guide to Politically Incorrect Golf"

Caddyswag guide politically incorrect golf tournament shotgun girls golf cooler party

Yes, golf can be judged by a score.  But only if you keep it.  Golf can also be judged by how much fun you have while on the course.  Get tricks for free golf, getting away from your wife and what you need in your bag besides the par 6. 

Caddyswag Drives Golf Carts from Chicago to Minneapolis

Chicago - A group called Caddyswag will be driving golf carts from Chicago to Minneapolis this Memorial weekend to raise money for charity in the Patch Adams Golf Cart Drive For Life. Yes, it's the same Patch Adams from the movie with Robin Williams. Doctor Patch Adams is a real man.

His medical clinic has been giving care to thousands of people free of charge for almost 40 years.

The goal of the drive is to raise money for the clinic so his clinic can help people who can't afford to pay for health care.

Made for golf. Used for everything!

caddyswag show top golf hunting fishing beach gift fathers day golf cooler

Hunting, fishing, boating or beach. No ice required.  keep anything cold for your day trip, road trip or beach trip.

Caddyswag on the couse

Team Caddyswag hits the golf course with their Par-6 loaded! 

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Caddyswag Podcast on demand

Accidental bombscare Murchandise Mart Chicago

97.9 WLUP Chicago morning drive with the legend Jonathan Brandmeier. Listen for yourself how this complete accident unfolded step by step. Simply click to listen!

97.9_Caddyswag bombscare brandmeier (mp3)


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