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A live 2 hour break from the stress of life.  Entertainers, Athletes, Smokeshows, current events and comedians. We have 1 rule.  No politics, No religion.  Everything else is fair game. Live 8:30-10:30cst every Wednesday night. Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, SounCloud & Stitcher. Intended for mature audiences. 


No FCC. No boss telling us what to do. No corporate BS. No annoying ads. No shitty music. No politics.  No Stress. Each live show is its own adventure.  Get past guests & clips on demand at iTunes & SounCloud.


Make no mistake.  Everything we do is live and recorded live.  No editing, no redo's. Enjoy our regular technical difficulties, mispronounced names, overserved studio guests and in studio antics.  The only thing we know is that you never know what will happen next.

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Official Tribute Track of the 2017 Minnesota Vikings Defense! "10 Sack Commandments" *Clean Lyrics

Caddyswag Radio Show


Worldwide, national, regional & local entertainers, actors, performers, producers & comedians. Recent guests include, G-Love, Daryl Simmons, Prof, Wax, Katie Cassidy, Danielle Panabaker, Roy Wood Jr, The Phantoms, Kat Perkins & Val Dodds to name a few 


Get to know you favorite athletes like never before. Non sports talk 1 on 1s.  Recent Athletes include Larry Fitgerald, Chad Greenway, Kenny Lofton, Kyle Rudolph, Brandon Kintzler, Greg Jennings, Brian Robison & more.

Recent Golfers: Elise Lobb, Tisha Abrea, Hole in one trick-shots, Lauren Olaya, Kenzie O'Connell, Coach Rusty & Hissalaot


So much more than just gorgeous faces and rockin bods.  Get to know your favorite Cover, Bikini & Instagram  models private lives and stories of online fame.  Recent models: "Awesome" Antje Utgaard, Queen of Snapchat Ms. Katie May(RIP),  Rachel Bush, Bri Teresi, Annelise JR. Angie Torres, Elizabeth Audrey, Natalia Barulich

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Minnesota Vikings Legend Brian Robison on with the Caddyswag Show.  

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