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A live 2 hour break from the stress of life. Listen right here for Entertainers, Athletes, Smokeshows, current events and comedians.  Everything is fair game. Live 8:30-10:30cst every Wednesday night on First Ave Radio! 

 Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud & Stitcher. Watch live on twitch! Intended for adult audiences. 


Caddyswag Show First avenue radio itunes soundcloud google play twitch stitcher tunein podcast

No FCC. No boss telling us what to do. No corporate BS. No annoying ads. No shitty music. No politics.  No Stress. Each live show is its own adventure.  Get past guests & clips on demand at iTunes, Google Play, SounCloud & Stitcher. Live Every Wednesday on First Ave Radio!


Caddyswag Show First avenue radio itunes soundcloud google play twitch stitcher tunein podcast

Make no mistake.  Everything we do is live and recorded live.  No editing, no redo's. Enjoy our regular technical difficulties, mispronounced names, overserved studio guests and in studio antics.  The only thing we know is that you never know what will happen next.

Caddyswag Show Podcast

MLB All-Star on Caddyswag

Minnesota Twins All-Star pitcher Brandon Kintzler on Caddyswag exactly 24 hours after his MLB All-Star debut. 


Benny - Host

Caddyswag Show First Ave Radio talk show radio host First avenue Radio writer producer shark tank

 Raised by mid-western gypsies, Benny cut his first radio commercial in 3rd grade. After somehow getting accepted to junior college, he regularly broke into the college radio station, starting his own show while drinking heavily with friends.  Expecting to get expelled he received a prime morning spot a week later and the rest is history. 2 years later he was finally expelled for "night putting" with the Dean's 19 yr old daughter. 

Boz - Producer

Boz Producer punch lines movie quotes comedian first ave radio First avenue radio Caddyswag show

 If movie & punchlines were an  Olympics sport, Boz would be a 4 time gold medalist.  Very little is known of his history. If you knew his real name, you would not be able to find any record of him existing. It is believed he was conceived at the Jameson Distillery and is fueled by their whisky. He has traveled the world several times, either protecting dignitaries or doing deep cover ops. Seriously, don’t google him. He’ll know you’re looking. 

Esto Ban - Intern

Caddyswag Radio Show First Avenue First Ave Radio Minneapolis Radio

Former "Metallica" roadie showed up for a show one night and never left.  Most of our technical difficulties can be traced back to him.  He lives free and we have the cleanest toilets in the biz thanks to him.  He is our unofficial game day mascot and "fall guy". 

Say hello to Esto! Wooo-Wooo-Woo!

Jesus (Hey-Zeus) - Social Media

Caddyswag Show First Avenue Radio first ave radio talk show radio show

The only Mexican in crew. Parent given name after his striking resemblance to you know who.  When he's not  working in the studio you can find him making craft cocktails behind the bar. Qualifications include 3 years as a rodeo clown & 2 years as a stunt double on Nitro Circus. Super-powers include Fireball & music festivals.

Johnny Waco - Research / Historian

Caddyswag Show First avenue radio First Ave radio research historian

 Originally born of dignitaries in Belfast, Ireland, the birth of Johnny Waco was named a national holiday. Worried that thugs would steal the baby, he was placed in foster care and deported to Minneapolis, MN. Johnny was home schooled and graduated first in his class. His stories have been used to put terrorists to sleep in hostage situations. Whisky. Neat. Please. 

Dalai Lamma - Research / Data


The real Dalai Lama has one "M"

Ours has 2.

You do the math.

Caddyswag Radio Show



Worldwide, national, regional & local entertainers, actors, performers, producers & comedians. Recent guests include, G-Love, Daryl Simmons, Prof, Wax, Katie Cassidy, Danielle Panabaker, Roy Wood Jr, The Phantoms, Kat Perkins, Val Dodds & Dj Hannah to name a few 



Get to know you favorite athletes like never before. Non sports talk 1 on 1s.  Recent Athletes include Larry Fitgerald, Chad Greenway, Kenny Lofton, Kyle Rudolph, Brandon Kintzler, Greg Jennings, Brian Robison & more.

Recent Golfers: Elise Lobb, Tisha Abrea, Hole in one trick-shots, Lauren Olaya, Kenzie O'Connell, Coach Rusty & Hissalaot



So much more than just gorgeous faces and rockin bods.  Get to know your favorite Cover, Bikini & Instagram  models private lives and stories of viral fame.  Recent models: DJ Hannah, "Awesome" Antje Utgaard, Queen of Snapchat Ms. Katie May(RIP),  Rachel Bush, Bri Teresi, Annelise JR. Angie Torres, Elizabeth Audrey, Natalia Barulich

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Featured Guest

Legendary Prince & The Revolution Bassist Brown Mark in the Caddyswag Studio for a good time. 

Caddyswag on the course

Tee em up. 

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